For those of you that are more interested in all the modifications we’re doing to Bolton and Roose (that’s Corey’s truck and trailer, respectively), here’s a list of what we’re planning.

Bolton (Corey’s truck):

Version 1
Version 2
  • Stairs/running board/rock sliders of some sort
  • Speakers in the back – bluetooth with bookshelf speakers?
  • Carpet in the shell (roof) – like nissan
  • 12->5v Phone charging (in back, already present in cab)
  • 2/3 to 3/4 length drawers (~bed is 82” which makes ~4.5’ to  5’)
  • Carpet drawers
  • Install optima in back
  • snack/food area for center console (two compartment? One for snacks and one for trash)
  • Dynamat/foam Insulation in cab
  • Lights attached to shell roof for inside lighting
  • Swap interstate batteries back into truck, optima into the back 
Version 3
  • Retractable steps?

Roose (the trailer):

Higher Priority
  • New Lug Nuts (16) (current ones aren’t conical and missing one)
  • Replace rear wood
  • Seal tarp holes (flex seal $25 for 2, spray inside)
  • Replace bows wood?
Lower Priority
  • Sand Inside & Add bedliner (
  • Paint Outside Black (leaving tri-color vinyl, less a cheapish black one can be found?)
  • Remove old/original wiring?
  • Measure for Front Box dimensions (Expo-Serenity)
  • Lop off “U” on tongue and mount the black toolbox from the dodge
  • Super Long whip antenna because it wont look too out of place ;P
  • Fridge/Electronics? Electronics in toolbox
Tongue Box:
  • From the truck
  • Mounted to tongue like Serenity
  • Add battery bay for 1 battery? And one into the truck? Inverter and 12v hookup to truck for charging?

Jeep CJ7:

  • rip out carpet and line the floor pans with DIY rhinoliner stuff
  • add radio/speakers
  • fix horn