Communion Meditation 6/23/19

Have you ever wondered why we celebrate communion the way that we do? No, I don’t mean asking questions like “why do we serve juice instead of wine?” or “is this bread actually small pieces of pie crust?” I mean why do we eat to remember Jesus’ death and resurrection? I’m sure our wonderfully creative God could’ve come up with a beautiful, elaborate ritual that is way more intense than breaking bread and drinking juice. However, God is also timeless, and He knows His creation. 

You see, we all eat and drink. It’s an essential function of life itself, and it’s an activity that’s easy to share with others. Whether it’s a meal with your family at the dinner table or lunch with a good friend, eating brings people together. And the social aspect of sharing a meal isn’t something new. In fact, it’s a pretty universal truth, not limited to one culture or time period. So, I pose that God’s choice of food and drink as a symbol for His son’s sacrifice is intentional. He knew that we would always share meals together; it’s an act that’s so universal that the deeper meaning would be easy to understand and communicate. 

Jesus shares the parable of the rich man throwing a banquet in Luke 14. The man invites many guests, but they all turn him down and basically say they’re too busy doing other things. So the man invites the “poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame.” By the time his servant has gone around the town, the rich man has invited (I imagine) everyone in town to share a meal with him. Of course, the rich man in the parable represents Christ, and the banquet is His death and resurrection, so let’s share a meal in remembrance of His sacrifice and His gift now.

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