Bolton – Nerf bars and new shocks

Well, I had a bit of a spurt of productivity. Lots of additions/changes so I’ll break it out into a couple posts.

First up, Nerf Bars! – Wayyy back when I first got the truck, I wanted to add some steps. Michael from ExPo¬†gave me a set of steps a while back. After a lot of trouble and holding up where I thought they’d go, I caved; I just couldn’t do it. The bars just didn’t have any mount points I could use, not without access to a shop atleast. Since Aiden was going to come visit (this was just before our latest cali adventure), I thought getting decent steps would be a priority ? . SO, I hit up amazon and got some cheap-o bars. After an hour or so in a parking lot, I had a set of pretty decent looking nerf bars!

New Aiden-steps! ?


Second, New shocks!
These weren’t at all on my to-do list but mistakes were made and I needed a new set . Myself and a coworker put the front up on the jack to take a look at what it would take to replace the front ball joints. When lowering it back down.. well, the jack is a bit more sensitive than was expected and it came down hard.

I’m not an automotive expert, but I dont think that foamy oil is supposed to leave the yellow thing!

Shipping from tirerack was super quick and I had the new ones on in 2 days.
– Promptly added and the crossed off “new shocks” from the todo list

Lastly (for this post), the ball joints.
MY LORDY, the squeak was real. Ever since I got the truck it has had a pretty bad and annoying front end squeak. I lube’d up everything that had a port and sprayed down everything else but nothing helped. It was just one of those “fixed by turning up the radio” type problems. While I had it at a local shop for a potential AC leak, I asked them to take a quick look. 15 minutes later and a whole lot of bouncing on the front end he decided that all 4 ball joints up front needed replacing. “Great, how much?” yeah, wrong question! o.o. I’m not exactly one that will pay $1,400 to fix a squeak!
… however, MOOG parts from amazon for $300 I can certainly do!

When the shocks went on, the new ball joints did too!

– I definitely lucked out with this one. The 2wd ball joints aren’t pressed in like the 4wd so no special tooling nor headaches were¬†needed.

The ride is SO much better and the squeak is totally gone. The truck is practically silent…. pardon the engine noise and whatnot…

Next Bolton post, New Lamps!


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