Meet Bear

Edit #2: I’m still that dog mom. We adopted Bella, and we changed Bear’s Instagram handle to include her! @b.b.gsd
Edit: I’m that dog mom. Follow Bear on Instagram!

From day 1, Corey and I have talked about wanting dogs. We’ve gone back and forth between finding a breeder to get puppies, or rescuing, but was a known fact in our house that we’d have dogs. It’s just a given. We decided on German Shepherds for the breed, since they’re so trainable and loyal (and there’s the whole they’re mildly terrifying when they want to be, which makes me happy).

I found a local GSD rescue and started following them on social media — that definitely didn’t help my puppy fever! This particular rescue has regular adoption events around town; we had avoided them previously, partly because of being busy, but mostly because we knew if we went, we’d probably bring home a dog. Whoops. However, one day, while our landlord was at our house making some repairs, we decided to stop by to kill some time.

I would say that was a mistake, but had we not gone, we wouldn’t have met this not-so-little guy! BFBL, meet Bear!

He’s a handsome fellow, isn’t he?

That picture was taken the night we brought him home! He’s a giant goober, and we love him.

He was just over 7 months old when we adopted him, and as of this post (about a month post-adoption), he’s 66lbs of basically solid muscle. Because he’s already a giant, we decided to keep the name Bear, since it’s totally fitting. He was born in a shelter and adopted out as a puppy, but circumstances changed and it wasn’t a good fit. There were toddlers in the house, and while he isn’t aggressive at all, he is very energetic, and he doesn’t understand how large he is. So he was put back up for adoption through the local rescue. We don’t know much about his mom, but his dad was about 115 lbs, so we fully expect Bear to be huge!

He loves chewing on things and was very sad when the vet said he shouldn’t eat his ropes anymore. He’s also a giant lapdog, since he’s allowed on our furniture. He still hasn’t totally figured out the game of fetch or the concept of swallowing the last little bit of water before walking away from his bowl (walk around our kitchen without shoes at your own risk! You’re liable to step in a puddle). He’s super excited to meet new people and puppies, so long as Mom and Dad are there too 🙂 He gets to go to off-leash training (aka puppy boot camp) while we are in Colorado getting married and honeymooning, so ideally we’ll come home to a well behaved young adult dog rather than the willful, energetic teenage puppy we have now 😉

I’ll keep this post pretty short and sweet, since it’s just an intro. But expect that Bear will make an appearance in many of our adventures to come! I’ve been a lot more active on Instagram since we got him, so if you want pictures more frequently than my blog posts come, follow me! I’m debating being that dog mom and creating an account just for Bear. If I do, y’all will be the first to know 🙂

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We took a walk over on Riverside, and there’s a water feature with a bear in it. Bear met a fellow bear!
He loves watching life outside the front door.
Up on the couch with something to chew on.
Belly rubs are his literal favorite thing. Until you smother a toy in peanut butter.

I wouldn’t want to be caught in those jaws with that kind of power behind them!

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